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Pursuit of Pleasure

1/27/09 02:16 am - +19 Icons!

I promised long time ago to make more icons, so I did! Enjoy!!!

Tsu-chan X6
Kaoru X6
Marie X2
Maiko x1
Random gyaru stuff X4

1  2  3  4

5  6  7  8

9 10 11 12

13 14 15 16

17 18 19

Also please to visit my last icon post even though I think I've improved a lot and it's totally okay if you think the old ones suck. :D

Comments=multiple orgasms!


5/19/08 01:57 pm - Lindsay Lohan?!

Doesn't the gyaru girl in the middle looks like Lindsay Lohan to you?


5/4/08 03:24 am - GYARU ICON RABU!

They are all takeable so feel free to take but remember: comments = mini orgasms.

  1   2     3    4

  5   6     7    8

  9 10   11  12

13  14  15  16

17  18  19  20

21  22

Will be adding more tonight in the future.

Credits to: Cherry Pop blog + Gal Factory

5/4/08 12:05 am - Sniff sniff D:

This is just priceless
 Just watch.

4/18/08 05:11 pm - Punk + Gyaruness

Yes, apparently Marie likes the Sex Pistols, which is like OMG YES for me.

I thought gyarus only listened to trance and eurobeat kind of music, but then again is not like gyarus are made in fabrics and should stick to strict gyaru rules and that's it.

You may think I'm just rambling, but you see when I think of punk music I think of punk people and I think of something like this...

Which doesn't quite mix with this...

So yeah.

My LJ is sort of like Kaoru's blog at http://mrmiss.jp/pc/missblog.html. I get zero comments. :D

I should just lurk around some comms and let the world find out how awesome I am. Piece of cake, bitches.

4/17/08 06:41 am - Consumism, consumism.

Finally I got the fake lashes and eyeshadow set I oredered by catalog 2 weeks ago.


Yellow eyeshadow? Yes, thank you. Nothing works better when trying to accomplish that Ive-got-hepatitis look.

So me and my friends agreed to meet tomorrow afternoon at the mall, but I'm not so sure my mom would want to hand me some cash when my room is so... ummm, untidy.

While my mom wants my room to look like this...

 It actually looks like this...

Just notice the plastic bag filled with garbage that's hanging from my stationary bike and my new black boots on the bottom right corner THEY ARE MADE OF VELVET WIN OMG OMG. I know what you are thinking: LOL FAIL.

On a different note. I decided to create this journal merely to keep a record of my weight loss and as a food journal of my eating habits and that kind of boring crap, but who gives a fuck about my weight? I'll also post free porn and other shiny nonsense :D

Peace, bitches.

4/17/08 06:10 am - A quien pueda interesar.

No soy nueva en esto de LJ, muchas gracias. :D

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